Runtastic Releases Orbit Fitness Tracker

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Many companies have released a fitness tracker or wearable of some sort in recent memory, but most of those companies didn’t start out developing software. Runtastic has decided to complete its fitness experience with a fully integrated tracker called the Orbit, that claims to set itself apart from the competition because of its software integration.


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The Orbit boasts a small tracker that can be worn in a rubberized band, clipped on, or simply dropped in a pocket. On the Orbit is a small LED display, and a good-sized silver button that controls its functionality, such as scrolling through the screen and selecting.


Runtastic Me App for iPhone. Source: Runtastic/iTunes.

While the Orbit tracks steps, calories, distance, and sleep patterns like many other standard trackers, Orbit differentiates itself with what it can do with that info. With the integration with all of Runtastic’s apps, the tracker will display real time info from the app on your phone and display it on the Orbit via Bluetooth, making your workout that much more seamless. Additionally, Runtastic plans to roll out additional compatibility with some of their lesser known apps such as Six Pack and Pushups.As far as hardware features are concerned, the Orbit hasn’t skimped on those either. Featuring a battery life of up to a week, waterproofing of up to 300 feet, ambient light detection, and vibration feedback, the Orbit is cutting its way to the top of the pack.


The Runtastic Orbit is available from the Runtastic Online Store for $119.99, and ships by August 11. For more information on the Orbit, check out their website.


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