Rumors fly that Apple Watch shipment targets have been halved

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The web is abuzz with news that Apple could be cutting its Apple Watch shipment targets in half. This information comes from Economic Daily News (EDN), a Taiwanese publication, but it has not been confirmed by Apple.

EDN says that “sources within Apple’s supply chain” specifically stated that the monthly production of the Apple Watch will be cut from 2.5-3 million units each month to 1.25 to 1-5 million.

The EDN report also suggests that the cut in production is resulting from the wearable’s plastic OLEDs, which “require a different method of creating a vacuum between the OLED panel and the plastic substrate, other than the traditional water jet vacuum pumps. And because PETs are very sensitive to humidity it looks like manufacturing the Watch’s display is a more complicated process than initially expected.”

Do recall that Apple previously delayed the launch of the watch, which led many analysts to hypothesize that either the company was unable to obtain the parts needed or perfect the product — or that it was a conscious tactic taken to impact sales. 

Again, allow us to remind you that this report has not been confirmed. Rather, in its current state, it’s a rumor. But one that’s taking the tech world by storm, no doubt. In the meantime, Apple is encouraging interested parties to set up 15 minute demo sessions to check out the unit beginning April 10th.

Fingers crossed all goes as planned.

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