Rochester Optical Brings Fashion Sun Lenses to Google Glass

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Rochester Optical will be joining the growing list of fashion companies to work with Google Glass, with the most recent developments coming from designer Diane von Furstenberg with her DVF | Made for Glass collection which contains both frames and sunglasses. Rochester Optical produces sun lenses that attach to Google Glass when combined with Rochester Optical’s smart frames. The non-prescription tinted and mirrored lenses aim to add more style and function to Google Glass, and continue the growing trend of making smart glasses more fashionable and accessible to a larger demographic.

Source: Rochester Optical.

Source: Rochester Optical.


The Glass accessories come in 14 tinted colors and mirrored finishes, and when combined with Rochester Optical’s smart frame variety provide a wide amount of customization for each customer. Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical goes on to explain “The wearer can customize our sun lenses to his or her liking and express individuality – bringing style and art to the technology.”

Rochester Optical’s Smart Lens System lets users match their preferred lens color to their frames. Source: Rochester Optical.


Rochester Optical is a Rochester, New York based manufacturer (hence the name) and wholesaler of high end fashion and military wear. They have been in the eye-wear business for more than 80 years, with a diversified portfolio of producing ophthalmic lenses, eyewear , as well as being a wholesale digital optical laboratory. The company stresses that they are not owned by Google, and are not affiliated with Glass in any manner other than producing lenses and smart frames that can work with Glass. But we are certainly excited about their stylish designs for Glass!


For more info check out the company’s press release.


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