Ritot: World’s First Projection Watch

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Smartwatches have been fighting tooth and nail to differentiate themselves from the pack, but Ritot may be the first to truly do so. The Ukranian company aims to make watch faces a thing of the ancient past with its inventive projection technology.



With only a week left on its two and a half month IndieGoGo campaign, Ritot has raised more than 28 times their original goal of $50,000, amassing a staggering $1,441,655. Aiming to change the way we interact with wristwatches, the Ritot will project the time as well as various notifications such as Facebook or email on your wrist in different colors of your choosing.


Source: Ritot.

Source: Ritot.


The wristwatch comes in two different styles: sport and bracelet. The sport’s main difference is the myriad of colors that Ritot aims to provide now that they have gone well beyond their original goal, as well as a rubber casing. Inside the Ritot comes an accelerometer for flicking on the projections, and changing the direction of the projection based on the movement of your hand for example. Additionally, the wristwatch has plans to work on iOS, Android, as well as a host of other platforms, all connecting to the particular smartphone via Bluetooth.


Source: Ritot.

Source: Ritot.


While there isn’t a working prototype of Ritot, the makers behind the wristwatch plan on having it begin to be shipped as early as February of 2015, which may be a little ambitious with so much work to be done. The only mock-ups of the watch have been computer renderings, but the overwhelming demand for such a product is undeniable, and maybe even a sign for future products.


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