Ringly Officially Launches Smart Ring

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Jewelry, meet technology.” That was the opening line for Ringly’s email announcing the official launch of their first product, fittingly, a connected ring. The ring stays connected to your phone to notify you of calls, messages, and alerts through vibrations and light changes. The first line of rings is crafted with 18k matte gold plating and a choice of four semi-precious gemstones: black onyx, white moonstone, pink sapphire, and emerald.

Ringly connects to users’ phones to control notifications. Source: Ringly.com

Notifications can be set for social messages, email, texts, and  calendar alerts, among others. The ring has four vibration settings so  the user knows what each vibration references. The ring also offers  five different color settings to alert of notifications via ring color –  like a mood ring but for important alerts!

To kick things off, the first 1,000 smart rings sold will include a real  diamond on the side. Three of the rings are currently on pre-tail at  $145.00 plus a $5.00 shipping fee, a 25% discount from their  expected retail price of $195.00. The fourth, in emerald style, is on a discounted pre-order price of $180.00.

Ringly is currently on pre-order in four different styles. Source: Ringly.com


For more info check out Ringly’s site.

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