Recent ARM acquisitions strengthen ARM Cordio portfolio

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Mobile processor designer ARM recently bought up Sunrise Micro Devices and Wicentric, which both specialize in low-power radio communications technology. ARM is using the intellectual property from the two companies to strengthen its ARM Cordio portfolio, a set of wearables and Internet of Things solutions.

ARM develops the processor architecture for electronics, though the company does not manufacture the products themselves. ARM’s contributions to wearables could be astounding, as they’re often known for providing low-cost, reduced power-usage solution — key factors for any product that’s intended to be light and mobile.

There are three Cordio Radio IP products so far, all part of the Cordio BT radio series: the BT4 radio IP, the BT Stack, and the BT Profiles, each for different kinds of devices. “This portfolio will complement ARM’s existing processor and physical IP targeting end markets requiring low-power wireless communications such as the Internet of Things (IoT),” ARM said in statement.

According to ARM, at the heart of the Cordio radio hardware is “native sub-volt operation,” which allows devices to run on 1 Volt or lower of energy. Battery life for IoT devices can increase up to 60 percent just by dropping power requirements from 1.2V to 1V. Also, thanks to energy harvesting technologies, Cordio devices can run independently from batteries.

Sunrise Micro Devices and Wicentric partnered up back in April 2014 to develop software for their Cordio BT4, made for IoT devices and sensors. Wicentric helped create the Bluetooth Smart software, which aided in the development of Cordio BT4.

ARM is another technology company that has recently taken an interest in IoT. Both IBM and Intel have invested in IoT divisons. With giant corporations taking notice and a growing interest from the general public, IoT devices are bound to be proliferate.

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