Rebecca Minkoff Films NY Fashion Week Show for VR

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New York Fashion Week went high-tech at the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2015 runway show. In a fashion industry first, the Minkoff brand filmed their entire show with Jaunt cameras to capture footage for virtual reality headsets. Minkoff’s show employed two Jaunt 3-D cameras with 3-D sound-field microphones to give viewers a 360-degree look at the Fall 2015 collection on the runway.



The fashion company’s CEO Uri Minkoff made it seem that Rebecca Minkoff wanted to innovative in digital marketing, partially because platforms that were once exciting and fresh are now becoming stale. “There are four or five key platforms that have emerged [and] you can’t really do anything more with them,” said Minkoff.


Jaunt virtual reality Camera filming Qantas.

A Jaunt Camera is used for filming with airline partner Qantas.
Source: Jaunt Vr.


That being said, Minkoff mentioned there were “fascinating new companies in technology that are doing emerging things.” Minkoff believes “virtual reality” won’t be a buzzword for another six to twelve months, but when it is, Rebecca Minkoff’s brand will be known as one of the first to use virtual reality technology.


Jaunt wasn’t the only camera company the Minkoff brand partnered with for footage of their runway show. Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with GoPro to livestream the whole show on YouTube from a first-person perspective. GoPro cameras were all over at New York Fashion Week. Designer brands Rag & Bone and Nicole Miller, as well as model Karlie Kloss, used GoPro throughout the event.


Rebecca Minkoff’s NYFW Fall 2015 fashion show will be available to watch this upcoming spring. The runway show can be viewed with Samsung’s Gear VR or Oculus Rift headsets through the Jaunt’s app for Android and the Google Cardboard platform for iOS.

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