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In the latest addition to the wearables race, Basis has released its new fitness and sleep tracker called the Peak, which blurs the lines between activity tracker and smartwatch. Though launching a new product in an already crowded space,  Basis aims for Peak to be an all-around solid competitor to the existing fitness/sleep trackers from fitness heavyweights such as Misfit’s shine.



Firstly and perhaps most importantly with the plethora of devices out in the market now, is the design of the Basis Peak. At first glance, Peak seems to be a culmination of a number of devices, straddling the distinction between a fitness minded device and a smartwatch. With a square watch face, silicone band, and a screen display similar to Pebble’s e-paper display, the Peak seems to be exactly that. Which could be a smart move, for those wanting a little bit of everything.


Source: Basis Science.

Source: Basis Science.


As far as features go, Peak seems to cover the bases pretty well, even adding some interesting additions in the fitness department. In addition to counting steps, distance, calories etc., it keeps a constant check on heartrate, perspiration, and skin temperature. These little extras could find some interesting data, especially in combination with the sleep data recorded throughout the night. Furthermore, Peak gives valuable insight into what this data means using its Healthy Habits system. On top of the fitness and sleep tracking features, Peak is optimized for mobile and adds some standard notification abilities when paired with an iPhone or Android device (as seen below).


Source: Basis Science.

Source: Basis Science.


The Basis Peak will be available for $199 starting in November at select retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, REI), with plans to release more options for colors as well as software updates to improve the notification abilities. Check back in soon when the Peak is added to the Device Database.



Video: Basis Science.

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