Pebble closes second record-breaking Kickstarter campaign at $20.3 million

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” may as well have been the proverb that inspired Pebble’s second Kickstarter campaign, which ultimately went on to break even more records than its first.

Pebble told in March that the company believes “crowdfunding is the best way for hardware startups to begin and grow in the 21st century.” And on March 27, Pebble closed the crowdfunding campaign for Pebble Time with over $20.3 million pledged, making it the most funded Kickstarter initiative of all time.

Its 2012 Kickstarter campaign for the original Pebble smartwatch raked in over $10.2 million on its own. All in all, the technology company has raised a combined $30.5 million across its two campaigns.

Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel Kickstarter Campaign

Of the Pebble Time units pre-ordered during this campaign, 48,690 were Pebble Time devices versus 29,997 Pebble Time Steel devices — the dressier (and more expensive) version of the two smartwatches offered in this campaign. For perspective, Pebble’s first Kickstarter campaign resulted in 85,419 pre-orders.

The Pebble Time watches are estimated to ship in May, while Pebble Time Steel will move a bit later, in July. Pebble Time Steel in the Kickstarter backer’s color of choice will hit the road even later, in August.

It’s evident that Pebble can run a successful crowdfunding campaign, but now the jury eagerly awaits to dissect the second iteration of its famed smartwatch. Already deemed “the only smartwatch worth buying” in 2014, expectations are high — and even higher now with the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, which is expected by some to push all wearable technology into the mainstream.

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