Pebble begins mass production and reveals new Pebble Time features

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Pebble might be more excited to send you your new watch than you are to receive it. On Monday, the company updated its Kickstarter page with a feature roadmap and shipping plan.

Mass production of the devices gets underway this week, and so far, all is relatively on target for those who ordered a Pebble Time or Pebble Time Steel. Shipments are running about a week behind the previously anticipated schedule.

The timeline feature is Pebble’s answer to managing your busy day. With the ability to review items you’ve pinned to your personal timeline from the past, present or future, Pebble says the timeline’s quick views “let you focus on what matters.” That could be flight information, weather updates, sports scores, or event reminders.

Another huge improvement comes in the form of expanded app storage. “Goodbye, 8-app limit!  Pebble Time will store as many apps and faces as possible on the watch itself. When needed, an app or face not currently stored will automatically install from your Android or iOS device,” the company wrote in the Kickestarter update.  

Pebble is the first to describe itself as a company that “launches early and updates often.” “All Pebbles get more awesome with time, thanks to a consistent flow of updates and new features.” So stay tuned to the Kickstarter page to find out what exciting new capabilities your Pebble watch will have — and to find out when it’ll get into the palm of your hands.

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