PayPal Allows Paying With Samsung Gear

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PayPal has announced a pilot for a new payment method at its corporate offices where employees are testing out paying for items with Samsung wearables. Employees are able to purchase items at the company’s cafe which leverages Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to link with their Samsung Gear 2 or Gear Fit.

In their company blog post, PayPal  showed off some of the features of the app. Besides paying for items, the app also allows users to check activity, balance, and view and accept offers from nearby retailers.


PayPal App on Samsung Gear 2

This of course is an exciting example of the many useful applications of wearables in consumers’ daily lives. It is also an example of the increased benefits that wearables will bring by leveraging other technologies, in this case Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. The “wearable wallet” as some have begun calling it has shown some benefits in situations where customers want quick access to information or are in a hurry to check out, and no longer have to reach into their pockets to pull out their smartphone or credit card.

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