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Google Glass is often seen as one of those devices that is only for the boldest of early adopters, leaving everybody else out to dry when it comes to the highly publicized glasses. However, normal people, even parents, have begun to integrate Glass into their daily lives, as seen through eyes of Glass wearing mom Aubrey Backschneider.


In a short interview done between Aubrey and a few interviewers at Google, they found out how Google Glass was integrated into her daily life. The biggest takeaway from the interview was the convenience that Glass afforded a busy woman like herself, allowing her hands to always be free while still having access to the Internet, videos, messages, and other applications. Instead of being concerned with messages while she’s driving, the voice commands make the entire experience considerably safer, which is important with the responsibility of two kids on her shoulders.


And as with just about any parent, capturing your kids’ every moment becomes basically a necessity, and Glass does an excellent job of this according to Aubrey. Instead of carrying around a video camera, or even constantly pulling out a smartphone, she uses Glass to capture moments that might normally get lost in the craziness. A great example of this is a little video that Aubrey took with her kids as they make their way through a jungle gym:



Now that Google Glass is available to the public, I’m sure that Google hopes that more stories like Aubrey’s surface, making that big purchase a little more palatable to more and more people. For more on Aubrey and her experience with Glass, check out the full interview on Glass’ community page.

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