OMSignal Launches Biometric Training Certification Program

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OMsignal, a biometric apparel company based in Montreal, is now offering their own OM Certified Training Program as a platform for trainers and health clubs to use with the company’s smart shirts. The platform combines wearable fitness technology and the knowledge of a personal trainer to create personalized workouts from biometric data.



“With OMsignal, fitness trainers can measure their client’s effort from the inside and compare real-time biometric exertion and other key variables to help clients achieve higher levels of fitness,” said OMsignal CEO and co-founder Stéphane Marceau. Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz, the Chief Medical Officer of OMsignal, says, “This is the birth of a quantified, informed workout experience.”


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Source: OM Signal.


The OMsignal Fitness Advisory Committee–made up of kinesiologists, strength coaches, personal trainers, and doctors–will accept submissions for workout plans from health clubs and trainers. Programs that are certified then become available for use, with real-time biometric data for trainers to see from iOS devices or a television.


The program connects to OMsignal’s smart shirts via Bluetooth, so trainers can see how often their clients are doing their workouts and keep track of data from a distance, meaning they can customize workouts accordingly. Trainers can also track vital signs such as heart rate, breathing rate, movement, calories burn, and “total effort.”


Gigaom Research notes that the OMsignal smart shirt is “fairly purpose driven” because it can be worn all day. Gigaom calls the program “a smart move” for the wearable fitness company.


Trainers and health clubs can now submit workout programs to the platform. The OM Trainer Dashboard and remote training will be released in the spring.

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