Oculus Story Marks VR’s Stab at Hollywood

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Oculus VR has announced an immersive cinematic experience at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah called Oculus Story Studio:



Story Studio is Oculus‘ way of creating a narrative, techniques, and tools for the VR entertainment community. It is not very surprising to anyone in wearable tech or VR that Oculus has decided to tackle the Hollywood entertainment market, though the timing of the announcement certainly did come as a surprise.


Oculus has debuted a short, four-minute, immersive experience in Lost. Story Studio’s creative director Saschka Unseld takes the viewer through a “moonlit forest inhabited by an unexpected creature.” Built in Unreal Engine 4, Lost implements custom gaze controls to tailor the experience to the individual viewer.


Oculus VR - Lost Scene

A shot of a scene from “Lost,” an immersive cinematic experience from Oculus.
Source: Oculus VR.


Oculus has already begun building new immersive experiences with Hollywood elite including Robert Stromberg, director of Maleficent.

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