Oaxis wants you to take the reins on your lifestyle with suite of connected devices

Written By Tom Hushen

Singapore based startup company, Oaxis, is developing a suite of wearable, connected devices that are aimed to provide a balanced lifestyle with ease.

The company was founded in 2010 and gained popularity with their Star 2.1 fit band that was released last year. Thew new suite will be comprised of three new products, new wearable wristbands, a bluetooth tumbler, and a smart scale.

Wearable wristband

The first product in their suite is the new O2 wearable wristband, which provides all day data tracking on calories, distance, and even BPM monitoring. Oaxis redesigned the device to have a corrugated strap design with air flow channels was specially designed to cool and dry the skin, keeping the band comfortable while offering the secure fit needed for heart rate monitoring.

The Ji Cheng Fitness Band is a collaboration between fashion designer Ji Cheng and Oaxis to create high fashion wearable tech. The also tracks your activity and monitors sleep.

Bluetooth bottles

Oaxis is also breaking into relatively new territory with their Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle. Some companies have stayed away from from bluetooth bottles since there may not be a strong market for them.

Either way, Oaxis is pushing through. Their new bottle will monitor temperature, volume, and water vitality.

Smart body stats

The final product in the Oaxis Suite is the new Glo smart bluetooth body analyzer. The smartscale can recognize six different users and tracks changes to your body. The data can be viewed on your smartphone through their app.

Oaxis isn’t alone on this connected mission: Competing tech company Xiaomi could also be creating a suite of tracking devices, as leaked images show a new smart scale with and LED panel. The Mi Band and scale would be connected through bluetooth and an app on Xiaomi’s smartphones.

Oaxis is crowdfunding its new suite on Pozible, a crowdfunding website, where it easily passed their funding goal. The company has currently raised over $50,000 with 30 days still left to pledge.

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