Nod Gesture Control Ring On Pre-Order

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The Nod, a Bluetooth enabled ring that allows users to wirelessly control devices with hand movements is now available for pre-order for $149.99. The Mountain View, CA based team comes from Jawbone, Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung, and HP Labs.  The company has raised capital from Menlo Ventures, Atlantic Bridge, Sequoia Capital, and Walden-Riverwood, choosing to bypass the ever popular crowdfunding step for consumer hardware devices.


Nod Ring on Hand


The device acts as a universal controller, allowing users to operate other smart devices such as TVs, laptops, lights, and even other wearables such as Google Glass. Though gesture control is nothing new, Nod does offer some great features.

According to the company, the only requirement for device compatibility appears is wireless connectivity. The ring’s gesture controls are meant to mimic traditional movements, such as swiping to scroll, rotating to turn up the volume or AC, and tapping to zoom. The ring is designed to be worn all day, and is even waterproof up to 169 feet. If multiple Nod rings are in a room attempting to control the same TV, usernames appear to notify which user is controlling the device. Lastly, the ring offers an API to allow for third party development.


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