Nixie Wins Intel’s Make It Wearable Competition

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Intel’s Make It Wearable competition came to a head on Monday November 3 when the final winners were announced. We’ve been tracking the competition for months, and were excited to see the results. The winners were:

  • Grand Prize: Nixie (Flyable & Wearable Camera)
  • Second Place: Open Bionics (Low-Cost Robotic Hand)
  • Third Place: ProGlove (Production Tool)

Nixie, the wearable selfie drone as its been called in the press, has been garnering much attention even before its recent victory. The team is out of USA, and is comprised of captain Christoph Kohstall, Jelena Jovanovic, and Michael Niedermayr.

The wearable can unstrap itself from the user’s wrist to hover above the user and capture photos from incredible angles. Along with the title of Grand Prize Winner, the team takes home $500,000 in cash and prizes.


Team Open Bionics hail from the UK, and is comprised of Captain Joel Gibbard, and Sammy Payne. The team’s bionic hand aims to replicate advanced functionality with a price point of less than $1,000.


Third place winner ProGlove is comprised of four German team members: Paul Günther (captain), Jonas Girardet, Thomas Kirchner, and Alexander Grots. The team developed an industry-focused smart glove that allows users to work faster, using previously unavailable levels of control and business intelligence.



For all further information about the competition finalists and winners, check out Intel’s finalists page.

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