Nixie: The Wearable Selfie Drone

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The title isn’t a joke about three of the most discussed buzz words of 2014, or some kind of fantasy invention. Nixie in fact is one of the finalists of Intel’s Make It Wearable competition, and it actually is a wearable. selfie-taking. drone.


The Nixie prototype.  Source: Intel.

The Nixie prototype.
Source: Intel.


The basic idea is that Nixie is a wristband, that can be detached and fly away into a quadcopter and take selfies, then fly back to the wrist that it is worn on. The idea started out as a pair of glasses, and that potentially eye-threatening idea pivoted into the wearable wristband. While an incredible novel and fascinating idea, Nixie is still an early prototype, hence why it is in the competition and not out in the world at this very moment.


Nixie is the brainchild of Christoph Kohstall, who says he’s been a tinkerer all of his life, which might explain how an idea like Nixie could even come about. Along with Kohstall, are team members Jelena Jovanovic and Michael Niedermayr, and together they’ve been able to beat out competitors from around the globe, and make it into the top ten. And in many ways, even making it to the final round could be all they need to get the product to market. Upon becoming a finalist, each group is granted $50,000 as well as all of the mentorship and guidance that Intel has to offer, which is essentially priceless in itself. The winner will be decided in November, and then we might be be seeing drone selfies out in the public before we know it.


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