Nike+ Showcases User Data in New Videos

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Nike and digital creative agency AKQA have created a unique way for Nike+ users to see how much athletic activity they did in 2014. The two companies created over 100,000 customized videos that are designed to show individual users how they used their Nike+ gear over the past year.



To create these 100,000 videos, Nike partnered with AKQA to collect data from Nike+’s most active data generators. This data was then used to create individualized films called “Your Year” for the Nike+ users. AKQA also released a video that revealed all the Nike+ data that was compiled from 2014, titled “Our Year.” Some of the impressive stats from the videos: 228 billion Nike Fuel Points (a Nike+ activity metric), 95 million minutes on N+TC (“Nike Training Club,” Nike’s full body workout app), and 215 million miles ran.


Each animated video is customized based on a user’s Nike+ data, and the videos go beyond showing how many miles someone ran or how many NikeFuel points someone earned. The videos also factor in where the user’s live. Residents of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Toronto–the most active cities for Nike+–will get a video that takes their location into account. Los Angelenos may get a glimpse of the Hollywood sign, and New Yorkers may run by the East River. Local weather may also play a part in the customized videos.


Nike YourYear 2

Nike allows users to check to see if their activity made the cut for getting a personalized video.
Screenshot: (Source: Nike).


While not every Nike+ user will be receiving a video, Nike and AKQA anticipates that those receiving a “Your Year” film will share their accomplishments from 2014 on social media. It’s a marketing tool to get hardcore fans to encourage others to use Nike+ products.


Nike+ has been helping users quantify their fitness since 2006, making it one of the first health and fitness wearables on the market. Products that have come out of the brand include the Nike+ Fuelband, the Nike+ Running and Basketball mobile apps for iOS and Android, and the Nike+ Kinect Training exercise game for the Xbox.


You can check out the full video site here.

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