Nike Gives Free Gear for Fuel Points

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As Nike transitions its FuelBand into a platform and away from just hardware, it has begun to find ways to integrate the band into more rewarding aspects of its user’s lives. For a single day in July, Nike created the FuelBox, a vending machine of sorts that holds all kinds of Nike swag that is only redeemable with fuel points. For those unfamiliar with Fuel, Nike defines the system as, “a simple universal way to measure how much you move, providing you with guidance, insights, and motivation to become a better athlete.”  In a report from TechCrunch, The vending machine was placed at various locations throughout Manhattan, giving those with an active lifestyle free shirts, socks, and other fairly low cost items in exchange for some fuel points.


The Nike FuelBox offers such products as socks, shirts, and the Nike SportWatch GPS. Photo Credit: Techcrunch.


The marketing ploy comes as a needed attempt to further engage consumers that already have wearables, as well as raise attention on the technology itself. Nike has a particular vested interest in keeping up engagement with its FuelBand now that they the company has decided to move away from producing the hardware, making engagement with the platform essential. Nike isn’t the first to employ such a rewards system, but maybe it is one of the most original. Walgreens also uses a rewards system for healthy activity, which can be logged from a wearable device, and use those points toward a number of items throughout Walgreens stores.


While the FuelBox was only around for one day, there are still rumors that it could pop up somewhere else. Who knows, maybe FuelBox will be the new Redbox.


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