Nike & Apple Hint at Future Plans for Wearables

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Ever since Nike pulled Nike Fuelband from production earlier this year, many have wondered what exactly Nike planned to do in this rapidly growing sector of the fitness industry. Now, that question is answered (slightly) by Nike’s CEO Mark Parker in which he discusses the future for Nike, with a strong emphasis on that future with Apple, in an interview with Bloomberg News.


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In the interview, Parker describes his ongoing relationship with Apple as “bullish”, hoping that the joint efforts of the two will do more than either will be able to do alone (which might explain the sudden pull of the Nike Fuelband back in April). So instead of developing hardware, Nike according to Parker seems far more focused on acquiring more users for Nike+. Currently, Nike+ has around 25 million users, and with joint efforts of Apple and the Apple Watch, that number could skyrocket.


Although Parker doesn’t necessarily hint at anything specific in regards to Nike’s relationship with Apple, it’s not really a secret that the two companies have a close relationship. Primarily since the beginning of Nike+, Apple has been integral in connecting the fitness platform into iPods and iPhones, forming the bond that they still continue. On top their work relationship, it doesn’t hurt that Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the board for Nike, making the relationship between the two companies that much tighter.


So whether or not there will be a Nike dedicated device coming from Apple’s HQ is still undetermined, but we do know that they are in cahoots of some sort. Who knows, maybe Apple is already working on their next wearable with Nike…something like the Apple Shoe?


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