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The more people that begin tracking their activity through fitness monitoring wearables such as the Nike+ Fuelband, the more insights we can gather from the terabytes of data that these devices create. Nike’s Digital Sport group does a great job of showing how their visualization of data can be used by athletes to better understand and improve their performance.

Nike has been aggregating user data since it launched Nike Fuel in 2012, and is now able to publish some great information about US users. Nike found that the optimal temperature for physical activity in the US is 66 degrees Fahrenheit. It was at that temperature that the Nike+ community moves the most, and subsequently earns the most Fuel points on average. On the flip side of that data, the US Nike+ community is least active when the temperature drops below freezing, dropping an average of 6.5% in total Fuel points earned.


Nike+ users get less physical activity when the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Among the results in the study were:

  • When the temperature is 30-40° the U.S. performs 4.6% below average, earning 3,053 NikeFuel a day.
  • Portland earns 4.9% more daily NikeFuel on rainy days than Seattle, which is well known for its constant rainy weather.
  • Las Vegas outperforms its desert-dwelling friends in Phoenix, earning 8% more NikeFuel at 105° highs.
  • When the high is below freezing, Minneapolis and St. Paul are the best in the U.S., earning 12% more NikeFuel than Denver and 11% more than Anchorage.

On the individual level, Nike+ Fuel provides this data to each user which allows them to get useful insights such as what temperature gets them in the gym more often:


Nike+ Personal Insights – Weather

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