NFL Partners with Zebra Technologies For Wearable Tracking

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The National Football League has partnered with Zebra Technologies to bring its real time location system into 17 stadiums across the country for the upcoming 2014 season. This tracking technology will give coaches, players, and fans real time info about players’ statistics and how they can best be utilized on the field and in Fantasy Football.


Zebra Technologies’ system will be implemented in all of the stadiums that host Thursday night games this season, as well as New Orleans and Detroit, but will capture information from all 32 teams. Inside the stadium, Zebra will have receivers installed that communicate with RFID transmitters that are placed inside the shoulder pads of the players. Through this location-based reading, the system will be able to determine the players’ speed, position, acceleration, total distance run, and other important information that was previously unavailable.


The NFL will now be able to track players’ speed in real-time as shown above. Source: Zebra Technologies.


With this “next-gen” data, players will be held to a higher esteem than ever before. NFL teams can now evaluate player-personal performance to a high degree of precision, making lackluster performances that much more obvious. This new data will be even more welcome in the fantasy leagues, making the players more into statistical data points that can be manipulated and compared than people. The insight that fans will gain will surely allow for a greater degree of analysis and push fantasy football to a new direction.


For more info check out the video for Zebra’s Motion Works technology that will be used by the NFL.

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