Nex Band and Wearables for Teenagers

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While consumer wearables have really skewed towards a fitness focus, the younger generations aren’t as in dire need to improve their health as much as their older counterparts, creating a considerable gap in potential market value – which is where Mighty Cast comes in.


The Canadian company got the idea for the teen focused wearable after doing a focus group centered around a story concept for teens where exclusive bracelets enabled members to contact each other. When the group realized the bracelet was in fact just a work of fiction, the CEO behind Mighty Cast Adam Adelman discovered that there might be a gap in the wearables market that they could potentially fill.


The Nex band features. Source: Mighty Cast.

The Nex band features.
Source: Mighty Cast.


The Nex Band is the first of its kind to be marketed exclusively towards tweens, teens, and young adults. The bracelet has a few key functions including being able to track friends through proximity location or act as a game console, but the Nex Band’s most important feature is its modularity. The band is able to grow with its wearer, making it easily adaptable as styles and tastes change with the years.


While the Nex Band is still in development, Mighty Cast recently won a million dollar grant from the Canadian government to continue developing the storyline behind the Nex Band. Even with the grant, there is still much to prove as far as a wearable like the Nex Band is concerned.

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