New Wearable Targets Endurance Athletes

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Houston, Texas based BSX Athletics has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for its Insight sensor. The wearable, which is larger than most traditional in-the-market wearables, clips snuggly into a compression sleeve (typically shown worn around the leg), which also shows an interesting new application of form for wearables design.


BSX is targeting the endurance athlete market. The device works in combination with currently available smartwatches and smartphones, to track metrics such as pace, heart rate,  cadence, calories burned, and lactate threshold. The latter of all is a differentiator for the Insight in comparison to other fitness trackers. Lactate threshold is the exercise level at which lactic acid begins to accumulate in the bloodstream. This is a major metric to track for endurance training, such as marathons or triathlons. BSX claims that training with such a threshold can improve performance form 5% to 25%. Also, BSX explains in their Kickstarter video that lactate testing is traditionally done through blood analysis which requires finger pricking and can cost up to $250. Thus they claim the Insight can save you up to $1,000 per year in lactate analysis, and uses the slogan, “keep your blood, and your money.”


How Insight Works

Photo: BSX Athletics, Insight: How It Works.


Having already surpassed their $50,000 goal by more than two-times, BSX will be using the funds to take the prototype into production, and to continue to build out the software to get insights and interaction between the device and smartwatches.

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