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Our goal is to add all the latest and greatest wearable tech to our site so that you can easily find what’s out there and what works for you! This week we added the FOVE virtual reality headset to our site:


FOVE virtual reality headset


FOVE VR is a newcomer to the VR space, and they are hot off the heels of their massively successful kickstarter campaign. The virtual reality startup raised over $480,000, nearly twice its original funding goal.

FOVE is the world’s first eye tracking virtual reality headset. The FOVE allows the users to immerse themself in worlds that react to their eyes and emotions, experience precision control at the speed of thought. The headset allows you to aim with your eyes, focus your vision, make eye contact, and move naturally. The FOVE uses two small form-factor infrared eye tracking systems to detect your eye to accuracy of less than 0.2 degrees. FOVE will be releasing a developers SDK for their headset.

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