Nevo Minimalist Watch Zooms Past Crowdfund Goal

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Nevo, a modern minimalist watch, recently surpassed their crowd-funding goal of $50,000 at current total of over $200,000 with more than a week left at the time of this article. Nevo was designed with the active and fashionable in mind. The sleek, modern watch intertwines the elegance of the past and the future of watches with activity tracking, phone notifications, and unique LED goal progression indicators. Nevo is packed to the brim with the latest advancements in fitness tech and continuously monitors steps, calories burned, distance, and many more. As fitness goals are met during your day, Nevo turns on the ring of eleven integrated bright white LED lights that show your goal progression.


“The challenge was to build the best possible watch with embedded activity functions but we weren’t going to settle for an unoriginal boxy shape, we insisted on a future-facing minimalist style that people would be proud to wear 24/7,” said co-founder Jean Tan.


The Névo Watch activity tracking progress indication by lights.  Source: Nevo.

The Névo Watch activity tracking progress indication by lights.
Source: Nevo.


The Nevo watch is built from a high strength 3 ATM water and shock resistant stainless steel. It is accompanied by Italian leather band that adds classic pedigree and crystal is made from scratch proof Sapphire glass that is twice as hard as standard glass. The band is interchangeable if you want to change colors or switch to the included fabric band for sport conditions.


The internal accelerometer detects all daily movement and assists people achieve their active goals easily. When your smart phone is in range, nevo syncs to the cloud to store your personal activity stats and achievements online. The smartwatch sports two on-board batteries, that can give Nevo life for five years or more.


If you’re interested in picking up a Nevo, you can visit their Indiegogo page to pick one up for $199. The Névo Watch will be added to the Database soon!

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