Neptune frees smartwatch from phone, surpasses Indiegogo goal

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Neptune may have only started its Indiegogo campaign for the Neptune Suite on March 16, but it’s already raised much more than the initial goal. As of Wednesday, March 18, the startup has exceeded its $100,000 goal by $756,472, raising 856% of it with 27  lucrative days still to go.

Neptune initially made waves at the end of 2013 by creating a smartwatch that functioned without help of a smartphone. While companies such as Samsung and Apple developed smartwatches that are meant to complement their other products, Neptune makes its smartwatch the star, or the “Hub” as they call it. The “Neptune Suite” expands upon that liberating concept by providing five different accessories for the smartwatch.



The Neptune Suite comes with the company’s waterproof smartwatch, a pocket screen (about the size of a standard smartphone), a tab screen (about the size of a standard smart tablet), a keyboard for the tab screen, an HDMI dongle, and a set of wireless headphones that double as a portable charger for up to three devices. All devices run on Android Lollipop.

The “Hub” has a touchscreen, a 3G/LTE modem for nano-SIM cards, and Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Because the watch is in control of the main functions, the battery power is similar to that of a smartphone.

Final suggested retail pricing for the Neptune Suite is $899 — which isn’t bad considering all you’d be getting. However, those who donate to the Indiegogo campaign can get the set for even cheaper, starting at $599.

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