Myo Smart Armband Integrates with Google Glass for Business Solutions

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Even as consumer wearable devices come out in droves, more and more businesses, whether they are the tech company or the ones potentially using the wearable device, have begun to see such potential in transforming the way in which they do business. And Myo is the next device in the ever evolving line of devices to try to do so.


Source: Thalmic Labs.

Source: Thalmic Labs.

Myo essentially is an armband that allows the wearer to wirelessly control movements on a screen, such as a phone or tv, with just a wave of the hand. It functions by reading the electrical impulses from your muscles, and translating that into actionable gestures on the screen. The idea in itself seems almost too science-fictiony to actually be real, but Thalmic Labs, the company behind Myo, plans on pushing that even more by integrating with Google Glass, giving wearers a screen everywhere they go. And since Google Glass has been pushing Glass as a business solution as of late, it makes all the more sense for Myo to get in on the same action with Glass and provide a transformative interactive solution.




The combination of devices could simplify information access and remain hands-free, getting rid of buttons, remote controls, or touch pads that can be difficult to maneuver when there isn’t a hand to spare. Industries such as construction and healthcare have been prime targets for Glass integration, and Thalmic Labs has been following Google’s lead. Thalmic Labs has already begun partnering with companies such as:


  • Bridgit – Closeout by Bridgit is a deficiency management software suite aiming to respond to issues of miscommunications on construction sites (whose video is shown above).
  • Augmedix – Augmedix uses Google Glass to free physicians from documentation so they can focus on patients. Integration with the Myo armband means physicians can go through patient information with the simple swipe of a hand.
  • APX Labs – APX Labs builds software for smartglasses, like Epson Moverio and Google Glass, which help with field work, such as at wind mills, oil refineries or hydro plants.
  • Recon Instruments – Recon Jet, a smartglass technology for sports and high intensity environments integrates a Heads-up Display (HUD) with a micro-computer and sensor suite to provide performance information, navigation, and more, direct-to-eye.

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