Misfit Partners With MyFitnessPal

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The Misfit Shine app for iOS, which works as a fitness tracker, has now partnered with the health app MyFitnessPal to create a fully formed fitness app from head to toe.


The Misfit Shine + MyFitnessPal App. Source: Misfit Wearables.


MyFitnessPal essentially is a nutrition and fitness system that allows users to input their daily food intake (over 4 million foods listed in the database), and then help them attain health and diet related goals. The community consists of 65 million users, and with such a large user base users can connect with friends and family for further support and motivation. Additionally, a large community opens up more users to include Misfit, making it a great addition to their fitness system.


About a month ago Misfit partnered with Beddit to launch a sleep system that combined the Misfit tracking system with Beddit’s sleep monitor creating a more comprehensive sleep and health tracking system. It seems that Misfit is continuing in its efforts to expand their tracking app to include even more partners. The myfitnesspal app works with the Misfit Shine activity tracker that can be worn just about anywhere that is convenient, from a wristband, to clipped on a shirt, to a necklace. Now that MyFitnessPal has been added, the Shine and the accompanying app can help users track steps, calories, distance, daily food intake, and sleep patterns, giving wearers full insight into their health and tools to improve their daily lives.


For further info, check out Misfit’s blog post.

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