Misfit Introduces “Technical Tee”

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Misfit Wearables, the maker of the Flash and Shine, has released another addition, the “technical tee”, to their growing line of products.


Source: Misfit Wearables.

Source: Misfit Wearables.


The high performance work-out Tee is made up of an ultra-breathable, moisture wicking material to keep cool during those high intensity workouts. On the shirt itself is a reflective logo stitching, making those late night runs a little bit more safe. What makes it a Misfit shirt though is the special pocket on the sleeve to hold either the Flash or Shine, making pockets a thing of the past.


Misfit continues to make workout products that integrate Flash or shine, circulating users back to their main product. In addition to the Technical Tee, Misfit has released a line of socks, as well as their Classic Tee. Each garment has a specialized pocket to carry the fitness tracker of their choice.


Misfit’s current strategy of integrating as many products as possible into their fitness tracker seems to be a smart one. With the integration of Beddit, Misfit has begun covering all bases, which is crucial as more and more competitors enter into the market.


The Technical Tee is currently available for both men and women, running for $39.99 on their website.


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