MindRDR Brings Telekinesis to Google Glass

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Using just your mind to control the world around you isn’t just an idea from science-fiction anymore. MindRDR, the app out of London based interactive design studio This Place, works with Google Glass and an additional piece of head-mounted hardware, the Neurosky EEG, to bring mind control to the 21st century.

The MindRDR in use. Source: This Place.

The application is fairly simple once you fully grasp the idea that brain waves can make your Google Glass actually do things. MindRDR has two functions currently, and they are both done simply through concentrating on the function at hand. To take a picture, the user has to concentrate on doing that action, and an on-screen bar will be raised as concentration increases, eventually taking a picture once the threshold is reached.Then, the user can post the picture to social media using the same process as before. If the picture isn’t to your liking however, then by simply relaxing it will be discarded. So while the actions you can use MindRDR for seem fairly simple at this point, the idea behind this technology opens millions of opportunities for future applications.

MindRDR hardware, the Neurosky EEG biosensor and Google Glass. Source: This Place.


The idea behind MindRDR came out of wanting to improve the user experience for Glass, and move past some of its shortcomings. Chloe Kirton, This Place’s Creative Director saw problems in just voice-activated commands, stating that they “can be downright awkward sometimes.” MindRDR doesn’t necessarily fix all of those shortcomings with its limited application, but interest has been growing for the app, even from the likes of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. More importantly, with it being an open-source app, the potential exists for other developers to create new and interesting ways to interact with Glass.




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