Michael Kors Plans to Create Wearables Products

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Fashion label Michael Kors is well-known for its handbags and classic womens sportswear, but it seems the company plans to enter the wearables market soon. Chief Executive John Idol recent told Bloomberg Business that Michael Kors has been working on wearable technology products.


“We will be in wearables,” said Idol. “So I will tell you that that is coming from Michael Kors. And we have a whole strategy around it.”


This strategy has not been revealed as of now, but one can assume Michael Kors has a good grasp on what they’re doing. Michael Kors already has a solid watch collection–all made by clothing and accessories brand Fossil–that could lend itself to wearables. Idol told Bloomberg that the company’s relationship with Fossil, as well as partnerships with Intel and Google, will help in creating wearables for Michael Kors. Kors allegedly entered partnerships with Intel and Google in 2014.


Michael Kors Compact Charger

The Michael Kors compact mirror charger.
Source: Michael Kors.


Michael Kors has already dipped its toes into technology beyond designer smartphone cases, which are all but expected from fashion brands these days. The label currently sells a compact mirror that also functions as a phone charger, as well as powermat kits and mini portable chargers.


Though the fashion label has some fierce competition in wearables from high-end designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren, and Rebecca Minkoff, Idol says that being first to market isn’t a priority. “What we want to make sure is that we have an ecosystem that our customer really believes in and think[s] they’re viable additions to not only their fashion wardrobe, but also to how they live their life,” said Idol.

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