Meta Watch Introduces Meta M1

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Many of the smartwatches that have come out this past year have skewed more towards smartphone companion/accessory rather than a standalone watch that has smart features. Meta Watch’s new Meta M1 wants to be the latter, featuring premium design elements that put the emphasis on the watch rather than the tech it has inside.


Setting itself apart from Meta’s previous entries, the M1 goes after a market typically held by premium watches such as Tag Heuer, featuring stainless steel or leather bands and a design by Frank Nuovo, who previously led the design team behind luxury mobile phone maker Vertu. The M1 features an e-paper monochrome screen, just like the screens used by Pebble, making it easy to read in sunlight.


The M1's packaging. Source: Meta Watches.

The M1’s packaging. Source: Meta Watches.


As far as functionality is concerned, Meta’s tagline for their new watch “The Art of the Glance” seems to describe it pretty well. The interface design is meant to be taken in at a glance, keeping the actual engagement with technology to be held on the smartphone. The M1 does this primarily through their dedicated smartphone app on both iOS and Android, which allows full customization of the watchface and what is featured on it. So instead of getting consumed with a text message or email, the idea is to merely see that is has been received, and then make the choice to look at it on the phone then, or at a time that’s more convenient.


With potential to differentiate itself from more feature heavy Android Wear watches, or even fashionable wrist watches, Meta Watch’s M1 has room to grow. While not out just quite yet, it is available for pre-order, costing in the range of $249-449, depending on the band and watchface options.

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