Lumo’s New Clasps for Stylish Posture Monitoring

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Lumo BodyTech, the makers of the Smart Posture Feedback System, have announced an accessories line to allow users to make their sensor more fashionable. The new designer accessories line offers five options: sunburst, nectar, dew drop, coral, and brushed steel. They are available for for pre-order on the Lumo Lift Store.

The sensor is a magnetic clasp that is worn on the upper body, such as on a shirt or jacket lapel. It can be worn as jewelry, or simply hidden under clothes. The device monitors upper body position and gives a gentle vibration when it senses poor posture. This vibration is meant to remind users to keep their shoulders down and back, and their head lifted. All monitoring is reported wirelessly to a smartphone app. Beyond the obvious mechanical benefits of improved posture, Lumo claims that keeping an upright and open posture increases hormones that promote general wellness, and a sense of power. The sensor also monitors general activity.





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