LG Reveals Kid Friendly KizON

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LG Electronics announced the release of its new wearable called KizON, a smart wristband designed for pre-elementary to elementary aged kids to help parents have a peace of mind on their kids’ whereabouts when they aren’t with them. While it has a kid-friendly design, the wristband is made for the parents, containing GPS as well as 2G and 3G connectivity in order for parents always have an eye on their little one.


With the release of similar type products from Leapfrog, LG is doubling up on its efforts to release wearables for all consumers, including kids. LG’s President and CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park even said “children as well as the elderly are ideal consumers for wearable technologies”, allowing them to stay connected without having to worry about losing or keeping track of a device. The wristband comes in a variety of bright colors, as well as kid oriented accessories like a Hello Kitty cover. LG hopes that this kid friendly design will make the wristband seem more of a cool fashion accessory as opposed to purely a tracking device built for worried parents.


Source: LG Electronics.


Even still, the device comes with more functionality than just GPS tracking. In the case that the child doesn’t or can’t answer the phone, the KizON will create a oneway call, letting the parents listen in on what is going on in the environment around the child. The child on the other hand may call the parent if needed, with the device containing pre-configured telephone numbers.  Additionally, the wristband comes with a 36 hour battery life and sends notifications to the parent phone when the battery is running low and needs a charge.


The KizON has officially made its debut in South Korea, with plans to release the product in North America and Europe later on this year. Pricing has yet to be released, but an estimate will be made once it is fully released in South Korea. For more information, check out the official statement.

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