LG Launching New Circular Smartwatch

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After a few short months after the release of its first Android Wear G watch, LG released a teaser of its new, circular smartwatch: the LG G Watch R. While not much about the actual watch is revealed in the teaser video, we do know that the watch face is fully circular, and that the watch will be powered by Android Wear.


The G Watch R will feature an 86″ interchangeable band, will have a 1.3″ P-OLED screen, and will boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Given that the first G Watch was released just two months ago, this new G Watch R is likely the stylish tent-pole for LG and its entry into smartwatches, making the first release of the G Watch simply a proof of concept to appease those early adopters, and give developers a little more cushion to work out any kinks in this new watch.


Source: LG Electronics.

Source: LG Electronics.


The circular design for the watch seems to be a smart move for the company, with Motorola’s Moto 360 quickly becoming a fan favorite. The move marks a trend among watchmakers to return to classic stylings, especially for those making smartwatches, to make them seem more accessible and not simply niche, early adopter devices.


And LG isn’t the only electronic manufacturer to be releasing new watches this year. ASUS has a new watch to be revealed alongside LG’s G Watch R at this year’s IFA, as well as HP having plans to release a watch sometime this year.


For more info on LG’s wearable products, check out their Wearables.com company profile.

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