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If the high tech aspect of the smartwatch is what you desire, but perhaps you prefer the classic mechanization of a watch rather than digital, then Kairos Watches has created a concept product that will make you swoon. In what started off like many other startups, Kairos got their idea by simply wondering: After looking at a luxury watch, founder Sam Yang wondered if he could create a smart watch that wouldn’t lose the aesthetic of a mechanized watch, especially a luxury one at that. So, the Kairos was born, aiming to capture a part of the market that combines tech-centered businessmen as well as ‘non-techies’ who simply want some of the impressive functions that a smartwatch can offer.


With that demographic in mind, Kairos approached their watches from the angle that neither the mechanical or smart side could fall to the wayside, therefore truly creating a hybrid.The best example of their hybridity being the design of the battery. By using a mechanical base for the watch, the battery doesn’t get drained from constantly displaying the time, lasting an exorbitant 5-7 days on a charge.

The SSW158 Model in Black. Source: Kairos Watches.


And even with the added mechanical side, the brain behind the smartwatch appears to live up to the task of calling itself just that, smart. The watch relies on Bluetooth to push notifications from texts, calls, emails, or just about any other notification that could appear. It boasts remote control over your phone, making it your go-to device rather than take out the phone every time it buzzes. Lastly, it contains the essentials to track fitness with a pedometer and calorie counter, as well as a stopwatch and elapsed time counter.


Kairos produces two models, the MSW and the SSW, which essentially differ on the movement and price. The MSW is equipped with Japanese Movement, as opposed to the SSW with Swiss Movement. The watches are presently available for pre-order with a 40-50% discount from full MSRP. The MSW currently starts at $549 for the pre-order. Delivery is expected in December of 2014. Each model comes available in three colors: chrome, gold, or black.

The SSW158 Model in Black, Chrome, and Gold. Source: Kairos Watches.

The SSW158 Model in Black, Chrome, and Gold.
Source: Kairos Watches.


For more info, check out Kairos’s site.


Video: Kairos Watches.

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