Jawbone’s Two New Trackers to Tackle Both Ends of the Market

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Jawbone has long been one of the dominant market leaders in fitness trackers, but even with their greatly designed devices, some consumers have chosen not to adopt this new wave of self-quantifying due to typically high entry level prices, unfamiliarity with wearables in general, and sometimes over-complicated UI’s. Jawbone plans on knocking out at least one of those barriers to entry with the release of it’s newest tracker, the UPMove, a much more moderately priced tracker compared to it’s competitors.



The Jawbone UP MOVE.

The Jawbone UP MOVE.

Starting at $49.99, the low price is a key selling point for Jawbone’s newest wearable. Other wearable companies have been lowering the barrier to entry as well, most notably Misfit’s newest tracker the Flash. Announced last month, the Misfit Flash is similarly priced at $50, with similar features to the Shine except for a polycarbonate case. Now that Jawbone’s UPMove has entered the market, there are only two devices at the $50 price point, making these two the most affordable trackers available.


They stylish Jawbone UP3.

They stylish Jawbone UP3.
Source: Jawbone.


The UP3 is called by Jawbone the “world’s most advanced activity tracker”, as well as the “first truly wearable heart rate monitor”. Now, with a plethora of trackers out in the market, as well as a number of them working as heart rate monitors, these are some serious fighting words. However, as far as the heart rate monitor business is concerned, Jawbone’s statements might not be as inflated as they might seem. As opposed to other wearables that track heart rate using optical sensors, the UP3 uses a unique system that utilizes bioimpedance. Essentially, the system works by measuring the resistance of body tissue to electric current, which then captures a range of physiological signals including heart rate. Using this system, the UP3 is more accurate and uses far less battery power, allowing the device to last up to 7 days.



The Jawbone UP3.

The Jawbone UP3.

On top of the heart rate monitor, the UP3 is also able to track sleep, calories etc., and provide in depth guidance and understanding of the user’s health and fitness through the accompanying Smart Coach. Additionally, the UP3 continually recognizes and learns activities as you do them, then logging the activity to get an accurate picture of the calorie burn. Lastly, the UP3 is able to differentiate between different sleep cycles, making it able to make suggestions to improve sleep patterns. So, maybe it actually is the world’s most advanced tracker?


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