Jaguar uses wearable technology during Wimbledon to gauge audience emotion

Written By Mariam Sharia

Jaguar is this year’s official car sponsor of Wimbledon and, as such, is using technology to gauge and fuel audience emotion… with the help of wearable technology, of course.

The auto giant has installed in-ground sensors around the courts intended to measure crowd mood via infrared, audio levels, and movement. They have also selected random spectators to wear biometric wristbands measuring heart rate, location, and movement.

All of this data is used across Jaguar’s social media platforms to encourage and enhance fan participation, including Facebook, Periscope, and Snapchat (among others). The results are marked with the hashtag #FeelWimbledon.

“Wimbledon evokes lots of emotions and captures our imaginations in so many different ways, so we’re very excited to celebrate what makes Wimbledon so special through our #FeelWimbledon campaign” says Jaguar Land Rover marketing director Laura Schwab.

It doesn’t hurt that the campaign is also a terrific brand strategy, putting Jaguar on the forefront of Wimbledon fans’ minds while also showcasing new vehicle models around the competition grounds.

See the feelings for yourself here.

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