iPatientCare Launches miWatch for Android Wear

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Mobile health innovator and cloud-based abulatory EHR provider iPatientCare, Inc. has just launched miWatch (pronounced “my watch), a new app for Android Wear smartwatches.



miWatch is designed with both patients and physicians in mind, giving them separate capabilities within the app. Patients can use the app to remind themselves of doctors appointments and set alerts and notifications from the patient portal. Doctors can use the app to remind themselves of appointments with patients, refill prescriptions, and read lab/test results and unread messages. There are more functions for both kinds of users within the app.


iPatientCare also recently launched miGlass, a Next Generation App for Google Glass, in April. miGlass’s functions include take-home video recording, which patients can use with consultation from their doctors ensure they can duplicate procedures and follow dosing schedules or other instructions their healthcare teams provide for them. Both the miWatch and miGlass apps are available in the Google Play store.


iPatientCare miWatch

The iPatientCare miWatch.
Source: iPatientCare.


The goal for iPatientCare is to use apps like miWatch and miGlass to further engage patients in their health. It also hopes to maintain connections between patients and doctors with their user-friendly applications.


iPatientCare was one of the first companies to establish itself in mHealth in 1997 with its Mobile MedData application for Palm Pilots. Now, the company pushes its Apple apps. This includes iPatientCare miEHR (mobile Electronic Health Record) iPatientCare miPHR (mobile Patient Health Record) for the iPhone, and miPatient Care EHR for the iPad. miWatch is the first app iPatientCare has made available for the Android platform, and miGlass is the first app they’ve created for Google Glass.

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