Intel to Power Next Gen Google Glass?

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It appears that Google is changing out the innards of the next gen Google Glass. This per an article from the Wall Street Journal.


Source: Google Glass.

Source: Google Glass.


Google still hard at work, decided to swap out the Texas Instrument microchip for Intel’s. The change to Intel chips is to make the Google Glass viable for consumers as well as vertical industries like healthcare networks and manufacturers. The first manufactured version of Google Glass was not devoid of issues including a bulky design and a short battery life. It seems that the next iteration of Google Glass will be a slimmer and streamlined version of the original product. The switch to an Intel chipset is to significantly improve the capability of Google Glass and the overall form of the device.


Not much is known about the next iteration of Google Glass besides the new chipset apparently doubling the RAM inside the wearable. It seems that Google is hard at work redesigning the first version of Google Glass into a way that will be more viable for the commonplace. Head-mounted displays will no doubt be a viable wearable to transform how information is consumed and communicated.

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