Intel’s Make It Wearable Contest Finalists Announced

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Given the vast possible applications of from consumer to medical to enterprise, the possibilities for advancement and growth in the field is almost immeasurable. Intel, always trying to be on the forefront of the technological landscape, wants to find what kind of potential wearables have for the future, and launched their “Make it Wearable” contest back in January of this year.


The contest started out with teams applying across the globe into two different tracks, Development and Visionary, based on whether they wanted to build a product or wanted to pitch an idea or concept. Then the Development track got whittled down to 40 semi-finalists, and now just 10 teams remain. Now, the remaining teams are working with Intel and industry mentors, to help make their idea a reality, making it a collaborative process each step of the way.


1. Babybe aims to keep newborns and mother’s connected on a deeper biological level through artificial incubation in a bionic mattress. Babybe sends haptic information from the mother to the baby, connecting them just as if the baby was still in the womb.


2. First V1sion is a new broadcast system that projects sports players’ point of view in real time during the game.


3. Nixie is the first wearable camera that has the ability to hop right off and fly to reach angles and heights that one couldn’t normally reach.


4. vumbl is a fitness and activity necklace that monitors health signs and relays that information back to the wearer using touch.


5. Open Bionics aims to make a low-cost fully functional robotic hand, which has potential to significantly help those who are handicapped.


6. Wristify is a wearable bracelet that cools or warms by responding and communicating with the wearer.


7. Snowcookie wants to be a skier’s 6th sense by using kinetics, physiology along with crowdsourced ski data to improve safety, technique, and connect other skiers.


8. BabyGuard provides healthcare for babies before birth up to 3 years old via smart wearable clothing.


9. ProGlove is a professional production glove that enables wearers to work faster, easier, and more efficiently.


10. Blocks is a snapable hardware and software platform that is designed for customization. The blocks provide different functions, allowing wearers to snap in different blocks based on preference, creating a wearable band that is unique to them.


Be sure to check out Intel’s Make It Wearable finalists page for more info.

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