Intel IDF15 brings Intel/Fossil smartwatch, Curie module hacks, and a TV show

Written By Mariam Sharia

This summer’s IDF15 (Intel Developer Forum) in San Francisco brought together a host of innovative developers. While the event itself spanned a fairly large technological spectrum (from robotics to IoT to AI), the presentations regarding wearable tech were especially interesting for us. Check out our highlights below.

Intel/Fossil Smartwatch

Last year Intel teamed up with watch maker Fossil Group to create an Android Wear smartwatch. That watch was finally unveiled, and by the looks of it, it is meant to be an Apple competitor. Many have noted the smartwatch’s resemblance to the Moto 360 ecosystem with the round face (even featuring the black bar at the bottom) and a choice of interchangeable leather and metal bands available in silver and gold.

While details are scarce (we don’t even know the device’s name), we do know that Fossil plans on also making watches for Michael Kors and Kate Spade.

Intel Fossil Smartwatch

Fossil Group announced a series of device called “Connected Accessories” that will include men’s and women’s bracelets, and two smartwatches, including the above shown smartwatch running Android Wear. No price points were announced but a release date of October 2016 was given for the Connected Accessories.

Curie Module Uses

IDF also saw an announcement for a host of new Curie module uses. The button-sized wearables chip is already known for it’s role in a motion detection wristband capable of commandeering a swarm of robot spiders, but this time around it’s versatility was demonstrated through a BMX demonstration. Curie modules were embedded in the seat and handlebars of the bikes and served to gather data on everything from airtime and maximum height to landing impact and bike angle as professional riders took to the stage. While the demonstration showed off Curie’s ability in a fun and visually engaging way, it’s functionality is in reality unlimited. Curie’s power-to-size ratio really does allow for an incredibly diverse range of practical uses- from unlocking a computer via wristband to serving as the most reliable fitness wearable to date.

Intel IDF Curie chip bmx stunts

America’s Greatest Makers TV Show

The tech revolution is finally coming to the masses. United Artists Media Group CEO Mark Burnett, creator of the entrepreneurial TV hit Shark Tank and wilderness endurance competition Survivor, has signed on for a new show- and the prize is $1 million. Titled America’s Greatest Makers, inventors across the country will be asked to submit videos presenting ideas for wearable tech or consumer devices powered by the aforementioned Curie module. “I am really excited because it’s so fresh,” said Burnett. “We’re going to spur the tech community, and the future tech community. These are people who never would have thought to invent something until they heard of America’s Greatest Makers.” If this show is as captivating as his other creations, it could have an enormous impact on how the public (especially youth) are engaging with wearable tech at large.

Intel IDF15 America's Greatest Makers TV SHow

*Image source: Intel.

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