Intel acquires Recon Instruments, enters smart glasses game

Written By Mariam Sharia

In a recent blog post, Intel exec Josh Walden announced the chip mogul’s acquisition of Recon Instruments, a Canadian sports company leading the high-tech eyewear game.

The move comes following a reorganization of Intel’s operations that included the development of the New Devices Group, an operation specifically aimed at advancing wearable devices. The plan is to integrate Recon into this operation while still maintaining sales of their products and developing new ones.

Although Intel remains on top as the world’s biggest chipmaker within the PC industry, CEO Brian Krzanich has mentioned that the company’s failure to integrate into the smartphone market will not be repeated with wearables. Considering Intel’s purchase of smartwatch maker Basis and smart bracelet partnership with MICA and Opening Ceremony over the past year, we can see how the acquisition of Recon is just the next logical step in the wearable tech game.

“We at Recon believe this is also a tremendous opportunity that will lead to amazing things, just as much for us as for our customers” announced the company. Let’s hope this is as good a move for Intel.

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