Hush Earplugs Crowdfund to Success

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Hush, “the world’s first smart earplug,” made some serious moves on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. On November 12, 2014, the founders of Hush created a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $100,000. The campaign ended on December 23, 2014, raising a total of $593,255.


Hush co-founders Daniel “Chesong” Lee, Daniel Synn, and Daniel “Ewok” Lee (left to right). Source: Hush Technology.

Hush co-founders Daniel “Chesong” Lee, Daniel Synn, and Daniel “Ewok” Lee (left to right).
Source: Hush Technology.


Three engineering students at the University of California, San Diego, founded start-up company Hush after facing the hardships of sleeping in noisy college environments. CEO Daniel “Ewok” Lee would use conventional earplugs to block out noise from neighbors and roommates, but would sleep through his alarms in the morning as a result. Daniel Synn and Daniel “Chesong” Lee joined Lee in creating an earplug that would allow for users to block out the noises of the world while also allowing them to hear their alarms.


Source: Hush Technology.

Source: Hush Technology.


The earplugs are Bluetooth powered and controlled by smartphone apps (available in the App Store and Google Play). This app gives users the power to create personal alarms as well as listen to soothing sounds, binaural beats, and certain notification noises. Hush earplugs are made from silicone and heat-sensitive memory foam, which means users can sleep comfortably through the night while wearing Hush.


There are other wearable earpieces in the market that tell users if they are sleeping poorly, but as co-founder and CEO Daniel “Ewok” Lee says, “Rather than just compiling data to tell you you’re sleeping badly, [earplugs] should actually give you a way to sleep better.” Hush is looking to change the way people sleep by presenting their smart earplug as a solution.

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