How Brands Will Evolve With Wearables

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As exciting as many of the current wearables are, it is even more exciting to know that we are in the “brick-size cellphone” period of wearable tech. As the technology and designs advance, wearables will become smaller and more integrated into our everyday behavior. Delivery of information will just “become second nature,” according to SunTrust analyst Robert Peck. The layer of data that these devices create is of course a huge opportunity for brands to deliver their messages in new ways.


Adweek has of course chronicled that any data layer, especially if visual through augmented reality, creates ample opportunities for advertisements. But hopefully brands will follow Adweek’s second point in integrating the technology with their products’ capabilities rather than turning the world into a giant billboard (something we are very skeptical would work). Some examples they provide are Walgreen’s printing mobile photos, Kraft interacting with consumers when they are in grocery stores, and Nissan sending vehicle data to smartwatches. Further, if all these major companies and brands create platforms to foster an ecosystem around their products, data, and available interactions, then third-party developers could possibly take their wearables strategy to places even they haven’t yet identified.


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