Hexoskin Is Selling a Junior Line for Kids and Teens

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Carré Technologies, Inc., also known as Hexoskin, has created the first-ever biometric smart shirt designed for children and teenagers. The Montreal-based company has been working on smart clothing since 2006, and now active kids can enjoy the benefits of Hexoskin Junior.


Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and co-founder of Hexoskin, has high hopes that Hexoskin Junior can help young athletes everywhere. “Whether it’s hockey, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball or track & field, kids are part of intense training programs that are training them to become champions and Olympians,” Fournier said in a press release. “With the addition of Hexoskin Junior, we’ve set out to provide coaches, parents and kids the invaluable tools our adult shirts provide.”


Hexoskin Junior has all the same features and fabric sensors as the original Hexoskin smart shirt for adults. Sensors collect biometric data like heart rate, step count, sleep duration, calories burned, and more. The smart shirt uses Bluetooth connectivity to send metrics to smartphones.


Hexoskin juniors smart shirts smart clothing

The Goyette 360 Hockey training camp attendees wearaing Hexoskin juniors smart shirts.
Source: Hexoskin.


The Goyette 360 Hockey training camp partnered with Hexoskin last summer and has been testing out the Junior shirts since then. “It’s fascinating to see how much biometric data we can record on these youth’s while they progress throughout their training sessions,” said Stéphane Goyette, President of Goyette 360 Hockey. “Viewing their own data in real time truly motivates them to go that extra mile. We wish this technology had existed earlier!”



Hexoskin Junior smart shirts are available for pre-order now of Hexoskin’s website. Individual shorts are selling for $149, while a full kit that includes the Bluetooth recording device is $379. The shirt comes in black and ranges in size from 2XSmall to XLarge.

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