GoPro Fetch Captures Your Dog’s World

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People have been coming up with ways to strap their GoPro cameras to just about anything imaginable, including their furry friends. Now with Fetch, dog owners can capture the world from their pet’s point of view a little more simply and comfortably with the special harness made for dogs of all sizes.


Fetch includes two mounts, giving two completely different perspectives and insights into your dog’s world. The first is a chest mount, to capture your dog’s actual point of view as they go digging, running, or chasing after toys. The other is an over-the-shoulder back mount, capturing a panoramic view of your dog as he goes after that pesky squirrel. The mounts are designed with your dog in mind, making sure that the harness can withstand the mud, dirt, and water dogs tend to run in, as well as making it padded to keep it comfortable for your pooch.


Fetch Dog Mount. (PRNewsFoto/GoPro, Inc.)

Fetch Dog Mount. (PRNewsFoto/GoPro, Inc.)


The straps for the harness are completely customizable as well, making it perfect for just about any size of dog. The front mount can even be removed, making it perfect for especially tiny puppies. Additionally, the mounts come with quick-release straps, making removal an easy process. As a little bit of an added bonus for those worried about the security of their GoPro Camera, Fetch comes with a camera tether to make sure that even if the camera pops out of the mount, it won’t get lost.


Fetch is currently running for $59.99, and doesn’t include any GoPro cameras.

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