Google X develops mystery wearable for doctors only

Written By Tom Hushen

As predicted by the Simpsons over a year ago, Google took another step closer to becoming our technology overlord by releasing information on a secret new device aimed at patient-centered care.

The Life Sciences Division of Google X, an R&D section of Google that has gained notoriety for its secrecy, is developing the unnamed smartwatch. The new device will be able to monitor pulse, heart rhythm, and skin temperature. External factors, such as noise levels and light exposure, will also be monitored.

The new smartwatch could be the answer to all those who want more out of their wearable tech, or were royally disappointed with the Apple Watch. Just don’t hold your breath. Google announced that the new device would be accessible specifically for doctors, not general consumers.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Andy Conrad, head of the Life Science program, believes that prevention means being aware of bodily state at any given moment.

“I envision a day, in 20 or 30 years, where physicians give it to all patients,” said Conrad. “Prevention means all the time.”

The new device could face an uphill battle to become recognized for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration, since the regulating agency recently put out new guidelines distinguishing for General Wellness products.

In the publication, the FDA clarifies between Low Risk General Wellness products and Wellness products. Currently, smartwatches would be considered Low Risk wellness products, but if Google wants them to be issued by doctors, then they will have to qualify as General Wellness products.

Google X is currently testing new products, like the smartlens and the self-driving car, but this particular faction of Google isn’t focusing on the next few years. Google X takes aim at long-term projects, sometimes well past the decade mark, that often get labeled as moonshots.

Whatever mystical products Google X puts out, we are sure to go crazy over them.

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